Market Intelligence Report

61-marketing-brain-stormThe Market Intelligence Report is at the heart of the process. A carefully researched, concisely tailored electronic news programme, it contains the very latest information on your market. No stone is left unturned in the search for data that could improve your business and refine your marketing planning.
Pivotal to this system of reporting is speed, accuracy and interpretation of the data. We know how to find the latest and most reliable information, and by trawling the widest possible range of sources we will ensure that we give you a 360 degree overview of your market. Not only that, the information is obtained and interpreted in real time so that it is never out of date. We can send you up-to-date reports as often as you choose: quarterly, monthly, weekly…….even daily!

Our Workshops

Results and recommended actions will be presented in a series of active team planning/marketing workshops where we present our findings in a way which will result in a real, actionable plan for you and your team to take forward.

  • What can the Market Intelligence Report tell you?
  • What are your competitors doing & saying?
  • What new products are they launching? How are they doing it?
  • What about their marketing materials?
  • What new trends are emerging in your sphere?
  • How is new legislation going to affect your operations?
  • How will demographic trends have repercussions for you?
  • How will economic changes affect your business?

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