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We are an Oxford-based marketing and communications agency with a wealth of experience within the public and charity sectors and other non-profit organisations. We also have clients from outside these fields and the nature of our work encompasses the vast and varied B to B and B to C marketing needs of an organisation in today’s increasingly competitive market.


Companions Summer15 HomeWe pride ourselves on being a fast, flexible and, importantly, personable resource for our clients. Competitive audits, intelligence reports, marketing workshops, focus groups, brand tracking, consumer research and mystery shopper research make up a consistent part of our on-going work. We are very proud of the fact that some of the programmes that we have undertaken on behalf of clients more recently are delivering a very healthy ROI. We are amongst the leaders in these fields and the results of all or a combination of the above help our clients to make both tactical and strategic plans for their futures.

We use simple and effective tools to ensure straightforward information that clarifies your marketing needs and helps you to outline future objectives. Click on ‘What We Offer’ to give you an in-depth idea of how the competitive audit can work and a guideline of costs for undertaking a similar project*.

We are a small team who share knowledge and experience across accounts, making us a very adaptable and approachable agency for our clients. You can call in at any time – we have a relaxed and open-door policy.

*Please bear in mind that we are used to working with clients with hugely varying budgets and that costing for any project we might undertake on your behalf would be adapted to fit the scope of your budget accordingly.

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