Competitive Audit

At Sixty One we request, transact, receive, audit and report on competitive materials working with a significant cross section of your competitors.

We allow you to identify and utilise trends in the market including:

  • Timings
  • Frequency
  • Channels of engagement
  • Cross promotional activity
  • Propositions
  • Ask levels
  • Innovation and testing

Sixty One will aid you in creating more concise creative briefings, by giving your teams the entire picture. You will understand your marketing environment better and you won’t be left planning in the dark!

Mystery Shopper


The Mystery Shopper will also accurately and honestly benchmark your brand against your competitors.

Results and recommended actions will be presented in a series of active team planning/marketing workshops where we present our findings in a way which will result in a real, actionable plan for you and your team to take forward.

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