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Fundraising Standards Board Recommendations confirm importance of retention


FSB and Charity Commission are recommending limiting the number of approaches to older potential and existing donors. “The industry is is crisis” says William Shawcross, head of Charity Commission. There are too many approaches to existing and potential donors many of whom are old and vulnerable. This adds further evidence to the need to nurture, […]

Reciprocity with a social conscience – Timpsons show the way


Broken eggs and customer service


A smal tale but indicative of how marketing works day in and day out nonetheless. Recently I dropped a box of eggs I had just bought from my local M+S. Roundly cursing my stupidity, I returned to the store to purchase more. No sooner had I turned to go back in when a friendly Customer […]

Don’t blame Charity CEO’s


Amidst the furore over charity CEO’s salaries, some rational voices are beginning to be heard. Just consider the ROI those execs bring, often running into many hundreds if not thousands of percent. It is often thankless, lonely and of course highly stressful running what at times is close to a multinational with different pulls, pressures […]

CAF Report on charity giving 2014


The latest CAF Report on charitable giving in the UK 2014 confirms that  those surveyed stressed the need for charities to communicate the positive impact that donations from the public have. Clarity on how their charity’s aims and focus differ to other organisations working in the same area are another big plus…another big YAY for supporter […]

Sixty One launches a novel fundraising initiative


Pet Nation(TM)  and its sister brand Donation Nation (TM) are new ways of giving to charity. Engaging, rewarding and novel, the schemes allow charities and other membership organisations to attract supporters who might otherwise not engage with nor  give to charity. Commenting on the launch, Matt Le Fevre, Managing Director of Sixty One Marketing said […]

Watch & Win posts its 120,000th sales lead


Since 2006, Sixty One has been helping Royal Mail engage its employees to report sales leads opportunities, at work and at home. We have just posted our 120,00th sales lead. Overall, the scheme has generated nearly £1 billion in revenue for Royal Mail and paid participants over £1.5 million in rewards. Are you sitting on untapped […]

Charity Newsletter May/June 2012


Welcome to your latest round up of news, views and developments in the world of charity fundraising and marketing from your colleagues at Sixty1! we are, as ever, grateful to our colleague in the charity marketing sector both here in the UK and throughout the world. In a move reminiscent of the old paranoia of […]

Why Labelling Is Important – February 2012


February 27 2012 In previous posts you will have seen how much store we set by effective, regular and meaningful dialogue with supporters and advocates of your organisation. Here, we present further evidence. As ever we are grateful to our colleagues in the charity research market, most especially Adrian Sargeant, whose report into donor retention […]

Donor Retention – Why Bother?


With charities under ever more pressure to deliver results, at Sixty One we have started to look again at the  thorny issue of supporter retention.  This is the first in a series of articles and extracts from us and colleagues in the charity marketing media for which we are very grateful. We have quoted extensively […]